Taking photos of Mount Fuji

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This is the first post I am writing about taking family travel photos so I decided to write on something that is pretty popular among Singaporean, Mount Fuji. Most people I know will go to Hakone so see mount Fuji for the first time. I did too. Kawaguchiko is a much better location to shoot Mount Fuji because there is a Lake in front which gives you lots of unblock views of Mount Fuji. Hakone is more hilly so views of Mount Fuji gets blocked here and there.

The following three photos are taken outside of our hotel Sunnide Resort.

Time: 7th Feb 201 646am

Gear: Nikon D800, Nikon 35mm f1.4G

Settings:  35mm ISO100 f4 1/100

Notes:You have to wake up early to get good light. This photo is taken at 646am which is just at sunrise. Sunrise is usually better because there is no crowds. You can compare the color of the light between this and the third picture which is taken just 40 mins later. Try to have something in the foreground so it isn’t just you and the mountain which is boring.



Time: 7th Feb 201 730am

Gear: Nikon D800, Nikon 35mm f1.4G

Settings:  35mm ISO100 f4.5 1/800

Notes: It is now 730am so the sun has fully risen but still low on the horizon. You can get the golden color of sunlight on the “lalang” on the background which is why I decided to include them into the frame. Try not to have both subjects staring at the camera all the time. You can have one of them looking at the other in this case to make it less boring.



Time: 5th Feb 201 0112pm

Gear: Sony Nex 6, Sony 10-18mm F4 OSS

Settings:  19mm ISO100 f8 1/500

Notes: This picture is taken at exactly the same location as the first picture 2 days earlier at noon time. The light is much harsher and I used a much wider lens to include more of the scenary.



Time: 10th Nov 201 1250pm

Gear: Nikon D750, Sigma 35mm F1.4

Settings:  35mm ISO100 f1.8 1/4000

Notes: This picture is taken in a different season, Autumn, at a slightly different location, the maple corridor. I was like a week early so only a few trees have turned red. I did manage to find one and incorporate it together with Fujisan just to place a time context with my pic.



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