Sony A7riii custom settings

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I have gotten the A7riii and after a few weeks of fiddling below is my custom setup. I use the camera mainly to shoot portraits and travel pictures which require me to have fast AF and metering.

Control wheel: ISO

C1: Regist AF toggle area.

C2: Focus Area

C3: Recall Custom hold 3 (Shoot mode Program Auto, Drive Continuous, ISO Auto, Metering Multi, Focus Mode CAF, Focus Area Wide, AF on)

C4: In camera Guide

Mult-slc Btn: AF on

Center button: Recall Custom hold 2 (Continuous AF, Focus Area Lock-on AF med flexible spot, AF on)

Left button: Drive mode

Right button: ISO auto Min SS

Down button: APSC/FF sel

AEL button: Recall custom hold 1 (Exp +2, highlight metering, AF on)

AF On button: Eye AF

Focus hold button: Focus hold


Points to note.

  1. I need a button to center the AF point quickly and usually that is the Standard Focus function. But I think the Register AF toggle Area is a better way to do it. Just register the center AF point using the function key. Pressing C1 will allow you to go back to the center AF point and furthermore hitting it again will move you AF point back to where it was.
  2. Recall custom hold is very useful as it allows you to do various combinations. My C3 is mapped to to provide a quick auto mode to take really quick shots with no focusing. Center button is to provide Area lock on mode so that the AF point will track. If you map it to the AF lock on function, it requries multiple button presses for the lock on to start. using the recall function is so much faster.
  3. The AEL button is mapped to my hold 1 which will provide a highlight metering fast. Since ACR support for A7Riii is not released yet, the +2eV is based on feedback from other users and personal experience. It seems like a safe setting to use to prevent highlight being blown in raw.
  4. I try to map functions that is related to the labels on the camera like AEL is mapped to highlight metering, ISO button is mapped to ISO auto min SS. This helps me to remember.
  5. With this setup, you can trigger AF with a total of 5 buttons.
    • C3 Auto mode
    • AFon Eye AF
    • AEL Highlight metering
    • Mult btn Normal AF On
    • center button. Lock On AF
  6. Down button allows me to switch APSC/FF quickly. It is super important as I shoot with a 35mm and 85mm primes. This allows me to get a 50mm 130mm viewpoint easily.

If you have any more interesting tips, please leave a comment and share it with me.

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