Travel Photography in Budapest

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Our next stop in our vacation is Budapest. We took a relatively comfortable Train from Vienna to Budapest which took 2.5 hours.

The next morning we work up early and went to the Fisherman’s Bastion to shoot sunrise. We were there early and there really wasn’t any people there. But it was freezing cold at -6 degC.

Sunrise over Budapest


Fisherman’s Bastion


You can see the Beautiful Hungarian Parliament building from Fisherman’s Bastion so I lined up my Family and shot it such that the Parliament building is lined up nicely in the arches. Where is my Daughter? She is sulking behind me….

Hungarian Parliament Building


This is a shot with the light behind the subject giving a nice halo effect around the subject. I usually position myself right at the edge of a shadow so the scene can dramatic and yet the sunlight will not overpower everything.

Morning light


Chasing birds is one of the most popular activities for kids all over the world. What I do is just hand behind and fire away and choose the ones that look the best. These are the times when your kids looks the most natural and happy.

The AF of the camera you are using needs to be able to track well if you hope to get good shots.

Chasing birds…


We visited the Hungarian circus at the afternoon and it was pretty intersting as it is a traditional circus very different from the modern ones we have seen like Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. They have ringmaster, elephant shows, acrobats, etc. Its totally in Hungarian but for the kids it did not really matter, they loved it.

Hungarian Circus


The circus exterior is pretty modest but it kind of adds to the charm of the old school circus setup. The tickets were REALLY cheap.

Circus exterior


This is probably the number one attraction which we spent the most time in, supermarket 🙂 The milka chocolate was nice and cheap throughout Eastern Europe.

Supermarket shopping


Our next stop is Kosice in Slovakia and there are only two trains a day, either at 63 am or 630pm. We chose the earlier one as so we have more time in Kosice. I realise the people in Eastern Europe wakes up very early and it is not as quiet as I expected even at 530am in the morning. We were super early for our train as usual so we have some time to shoot and I am happy we did take some shots.

Budapest Train Station

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