Travel Photography in Slovakia

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The next stop of our Vacation is Kosice in Slovakia. First thing, a little about Slovakia because it is off the beaten track for many people. We think Slovakia is a REALLY great place to visit now because it is relatively cheap. They are also not flooded by tourists like Paris, Prague so the people there are still very friendly to tourists and eager to encourage more people to visit their country.

Kosice is a small town but a very nice old town city center with church and nice buildings. We stayed at City Residence Apartments and it was very good. Only minus point is no Lifts and our room is 3rd Floor. The included breakfast which were served in our Room is VERY good and a huge spread.

We had lunch at Med Melina while waiting for our rooms to get ready. This restaurant had good reviews in tripadvisor and was recommended by our hotel. The food was really great and CHEAP for Singaporean standards I guess. The homemade apple pie is very good, must try. We tried to go back the next day at 4pm and it was FULL… at 4pm.

Med Melina


The below two shots are shot at different time of the day and the look is very different. This one is shot at late afternoon.

Kosice old town


This shot is shot early morning before sunrise. I begged my daughter to go out and shoot a couple of shots before breakfast πŸ™‚

Kosice Old town


The below is the Christmas Market at the town center. Lots of stuff for sale and street food. We were too timid to try any street food though.

Kosice Christmas Market


Kosice have nice churches too. No matter how ornate or grand the church is, if it is filled with busloads of tourists, it does not look nice at all on picture. Give me a quiet street, nice lighting any day.

St Elisabeth Catherdral


We took a private tour (advantage of being in a more affordable country) to the town of Bardejov. My daughter was asking for snow at the beginning of this trip and she stopped asking after today. There was just too much snow and makes travelling rather difficult. On the up side, the pictures turned out good due to the fresh snow.



Our tour guide said his wife was from Bardejov so he is really familiar with this town and he brought us to this restaurant located at a basement. We had the cheapest lunch at a restaurant here for our trip. I think it cost like S$20 for 4 people.

Restaurant Entrance at Bardejov


We also visited one of the Wooden Churches. They opened the church specifically for us as we were the only visitor πŸ™‚Β  I can’t repeat enough how much I don’t like crowds because it makes shooting so hard.

Slovakia Wooden Churches


I like this picture because of the expressions on the faces of my Family

Night at Kosice


The next day we hired a private driver (Adventoura Slovakia) to drive us to our hotel at Krakow. We paid 330 Euros so it was not cheap. There was no direct train connection so its either this or bus. He did stop us at a few nice locations for photo shoot. The first was Spis castle. The road to Spis castle is closed in winter so we just shoot from afar.

Spis Castle


Next stop was a lonely tree somewhere along the Road πŸ™‚

Tatra Mountains


This shot was near a ski resort near Poprad. After this we cross the border into Poland πŸ™‚

Tatra Mountains

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