Dresden and Prague

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This will be the final post of our Eastern Europe vacation. The final two cities we visited were Dresden and Prague.

Dresden has a pretty spectacular square if you can ignore that the buildings are not “originals” but new structures rebuilt in modern times. Below is the towering Frauenkirche which happens to be right next to our hotel apartment. We could literally see it outside the window….

Frauenkirche Dresden


We took this short just before sunrise which explains how we got the famous attraction all to ourselves.



Next stop is the “popular” and “crowded” Prague. The picture below shows the famous Charles Bridge in the background during sunset. So why aren’t we at the bridge itself?? It is full of people during sunset making it impossible to get any decent shots so we chose to go to a “less crowded” section which is still pretty crowded.

Charles Bridge


This shot is taken beside the famous Astronomical clock. The clock itself is covered with scaffolding and thus I decided not to include it in the picture. This is taken during sunrise and if you come in the evening to the Christmas market, it is literally packed shoulder to shoulder.

Church of Our Lady before Týn


This is the Charles bridge at sunrise.

Charles Bridge


This is MacDonald 🙂  our favorite restaurant. No matter where you go in the world, you can’t go wrong with MacDonald.



This is the end of our trip and hopefully these pictures will help me and my family remember the nice memories we have made during our Dec 2017 Vacation.

End of our Trip



  1. Very nice pictures! Love your taste in clothes! The kids always look so chic! Looking forward to seeing your next series of photos.

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