Through the years

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This will be a collection of travel photos I have taken through the years with my Family, right from the beginning when I got married till … now I guess

Year 2005, Korea

This is where it all began… one of my first pics of my family. Those days were good, no kids, free and easy travel.

Year 2006, Beijing, China

This was the pics that got me interested in photography. It was shot with a 135mm lens from afar, showing to me the effects of different focal lengths on the overall look of the photo. In this case, it looks like a sneak peek from afar.

Year 2007, Australia

Still without kids 🙂 Free and eassy drive along tthe great ocean road.

Year2008, Japan

Year 2008… The year Anastasia came into our life. This is her very first pic inside her mummy.

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